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Resurrection problem: A poem

Photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash

It seems that John has a problem with names here:
“The one whom Jesus loved” is never named,
but is simply called, “the other disciple” — four times!
Why not, “John” (or whatever his name was)?
Then the two angels call Mary, “Woman.”
Why not, “Mary”?
And Jesus does the same!
And she calls him “Sir.”
Finally he names her, “Mary;”
but Mary only calls him, “Rabbouni.”
Why not “Jesus”?
He calls the disciples “my brothers,”
Again, no names.
She calls Jesus “Lord,”
and later refers to him as “the Lord.”
Again, why not “Jesus”?
John cannot seem to tell it direct;
Maybe you shouldn’t tell it straight, either.
“Tell all the truth but tell it slant,” said the poet.
(I could call her Emily, but that might be too familiar.)
Is that what he’s doing, telling it slant?
Maybe so we won’t get too familiar with it?
Don’t pretend you understand.
Proclaim, but don’t explain. Yes, proclaim:
“He is risen!”
“He is risen, indeed!”