A prayer in response to the recent shootings in New York, California and Texas

God of grace, we lament the violence.

Photo by Ravi Sharma on Unsplash

God of grace, we lament the violence.

For those who have no words…

those holding themselves, rocking with each wave of grief…

those planting both feet, seeking balance in crisis and chaos…

those who moan, weep and wail the names of their dead…

those sitting silently in front of their screens sickened by the shootings, by the innocent lives lost, by the hatred that fuels such violence…

We pray, O God.

We pray for the victims in Buffalo, New York, Laguna Woods, California, and Uvalde, Texas. We pray for those terrorized and traumatized by horrific shootings. We lament for the lessons the shootings teach us over and over about racism and hate, undeniable and unrelenting, so costly. We pray for the people of color who pay the price for that hatred, day after day, year after year, century after century.

We pray for our Taiwanese siblings in California targeted during the violence at Geneva Presbyterian Church. We pray that your people find comfort in your saving grace.

We repent that the children of this nation, and their teachers, continue to pay the price of our worship of violence and our indifference. Lord, have mercy on us. May your presence be palpable in Texas.

Our land is troubled, and our peace disturbed. God of love and life, guide us by your truth. Bend the arc of the universe towards justice. Inspire us with courage to resist the evil of racism, to proclaim your inclusive love, to root out the enemies of righteousness, to persist for peace.

Let nothing move us from your path of love, Blessed God. Let nothing sway our confidence that you are with us. Turn our eyes to Christ and the promise of our redemption.