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Podcast review: “Truth’s Table”

“Truth’s Table” is a podcast built by Black women.

Hosts: Ekemini Uwan and Dr. Christina Edmondson

“Truth’s Table” is a podcast built by Black women. Hosts Ekemini Uwan and Dr. Christina Edmondson share their truths, filtered through their faith and a Christian theological framework, on gender, politics, race, culture, entertainment and religion and other topics that resonate with the realities of Black women. Through their curated episodes, their voices – like the great crowd of Black women witnesses who have spoken truth to power from generation to generation – speak truths that invite us all to a place of transformation and liberation.

At “Truth’s Table,” hosts Uwan and Edmondson embody the importance of listening to Black women’s voices. As a pastor, historian and practical theologian, my ministry of preaching, teaching, pastoral care and ministry leadership are limited when the ministry that God has grown through my service is not welcomed. While “Truth’s Table” is a podcast that shares the perspectives of two Black women framed by their faith, listeners are invited to encounter the transforming hope of Black women for themselves, their community and the greater human good. There is much to be gleaned from the voices of Black women, if we listen.