First Presbyterian Church — Cartersville, Georgia

In Cartersville, Georgia, a young boy following God’s call has raised more than $10,000 for an organization that provides food, clothing, medicine and supplies to families displaced by the war in Ukraine.

While watching a news broadcast following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, John Panter, 7, and his sister, Marion, 9, were deeply affected by stories of families fleeing their homes and communities. John wanted to help the people he saw, and his mother suggested prayer. So John prayed, and he soon had the idea to support the war’s victims by selling pins and bracelets featuring Ukrainian flags that he and Marion would make using crafting beads.

Needing a way to get the funds overseas, John met with Leigh Jones, his pastor at First Presbyterian Church (FPC) in Cartersville. Jones told him about This Child Here, a charity run by a Presbyterian minister, and suggested that John work with FPC’s session to get the church’s support for his efforts.

Church leaders quickly agreed, and John began making flag pins and telling people about the idea. Support came quickly from his family and friends, who spread the word. Now FPC manages the donations, sending them to This Child Here. After just two months, John’s efforts have resulted in $10,000 and counting for the organization.