Outlook at General Assembly

A photo essay of how the Outlook spent our time at GA225.

This summer’s three-week hybrid General Assembly was a challenge for our reporting team in more ways than one. Our Outlook staff is almost entirely new this year, and we couldn’t rely on our old ways of covering this entirely new format of General Assembly. We were blessed to receive a grant from First Presbyterian Church of Shreveport, Louisiana, to help us cover the extra expenses of a General Assembly that ran for three weeks. This grant allowed us to recruit more freelance reporters — Greg Allen-Pickett and Jerry Van Marter were on the ground in Louisville. Eric Ledermann, Stephen Salyards and Beth Waltemath covered for us virtually. Leslie Scanlon, Outlook reporter, was seen hunkered with her laptop in every corner of the Presbyterian Center. We were also fortunate to be able to temporarily hire Gregg Brekke, formerly of the Presbyterian News Service, as our news director and Jonathan C. Watson as our photographer. Even with all this help, reporting on General Assembly this year was a monumental task. I am grateful to this hard-working Outlook team of dedicated servants. It took all of us working together – and lots of strong coffee – to ensure the Outlook’s independent voice was heard.


Outlook staff at work during General Assembly 225. Photos by Jonathan Watson and Gregg Brekke for Presbyterian Outlook.