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Light for the Darkness — St. Louis, Missouri

How the Spirit is moving in one new worshiping community.

Serving in uncharted territory takes courage, perseverance, ingenuity and faith — qualities found in most 1001 New Worshiping Community (NWC) leaders, and especially true of Rev. Thirza Sayers. She dreamed of ministry where the pain and wisdom of her 30 years of mental health variances could be useful. Light for the Darkness (L4TD) is just that — a vibrant, genuine, and supportive NWC for people with mental health variances. L4TD has gained the support of the national 1001 NWC movement, the Presbyterian Mental Health Network, Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery, local churches and almost 80 donors in the past six months.

Thirza sees and shares the light of Jesus Christ through her own challenges. She and other leaders guide from their lived experiences with mental health variances. “Control is an illusion,” she laughs and somehow, the door opens wide for the unexpected movement of the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit has led her to share some of her own mental health cornerstones: connecting to God through creation, gardening and mindfulness meditation. L4TD has opened their sacred, earthy spaces to others in the community. They call it, “Grounded Gardening,” a place of light to connect to the Creator, yourself, your neighbor kneeling in the dirt alongside you.