A prayer responding to the Turkey-Syria earthquake

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Destroyed buildings in Hatay, Turkey. Photo by Hilmi Hacaloğlu, Wikipedia Commons.

God of our refuge,

You are present in all our troubles,
present through all the changes
across the whole of space, place and time.
As you are with us,
be also with your children in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria
as the earth below them has violently shaken,
bringing buildings crumbling to the ground
amongst the strife of civil war and the freezing weather,
making emergency responses more difficult.

Bless the thousands of families
mourning the loss of their beloveds,
that they may find comfort
in the community of love surrounding them.
Bless the aid and rescue workers
searching through debris and rubble tirelessly,
that their hands may be strong and their feet swift
in finding and reuniting your children with each other.
Bless the unknown number of your children
stuck or lost amid the chaos of disaster,
that their hope to be found may be met
with the great depths of your compassion.

Bless the thousands to millions more indefinitely displaced
from their homes and ways of life
that their basic needs of food, water, shelter and medical care
may be fulfilled both immediately and unendingly.

May all of your heavenly and earthly community
weep with all who are weeping,
holding each of those affected near in our hearts,
until the whole of creation knows your sacred solidarity. Amen.