Remembering Jesus on a hot one

A poem by Scott Barton on Matthew 10:40–42.

Photo by manu schwendener on Unsplash

So, this Sunday, you could turn off the sanctuary’s A.C.
Or, you northerners who don’t have it, keep the windows closed.
Put a sign on each one: “Windows need to stay closed today.”
Hope that it’s a hot one.
Let the people start to grumble, at least to themselves.
And then after this text is read, ask everyone to think
Of someone they consider to be a true disciple of Jesus,
Living or dead, famous or just a neighbor they know.
Then lots of elders and/or deacons come forward
Carrying trays filled with cups of cold water (not lukewarm!)
And as if they’re passing out the Sacrament,
They pass the tray to the people on the ends of the pews,
Saying, “I give you this cold water in the name of ________.”
The trays get passed down the row, with each person saying,
“I give you this cold water in the name of _________.”
And lots of disciples of Jesus will be named aloud.
And lots of Christ’s little ones will have their thirsts quenched.
It’ll be cool. They’ll remember it.
Maybe they’ll remember Jesus, too.