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First Presbyterian Church — Redlands, California

Angela Lambert shares about attending her California church while on a river cruise in Europe.

In May, I took a Viking River Cruise from Budapest, Hungary, to Bucharest, Romania.

On Sunday, May 21, as we were finishing dinner, I looked at my watch and realized it was the time that church services were to start in the U.S. I excused myself from dessert and shared that I was going to be joining my church online for services. The other four couples at the table inquired as to what church I went to and asked if they could join me. I was delighted.

The guests at the table behind me heard me talking about church services and asked if there were some on board the ship. The conversation then spread like wildfire. We all canceled dessert and went upstairs to the media lounge area. I asked the staff if we could stream the service on the screens in the lounge.

The staff pulled down the big screens around the room — and they remained for the service. The crowd included many denominations, from Catholic to Baptist to Lutheran, and even a Presbyterian pastor and her husband. Members of the ship’s staff, from Golubac, Serbia, and passengers, totaling 172, attended worship that Sunday.

What a blessing to be able to share God’s love no matter where we are in the world.