J. Barrie Shepherd

J. Barrie Shepherd

J. Barrie Shepherd is an award-winning poet and an honorably retired PC(USA) pastor, the author of many books.

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(from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead) Just whence is that “thence” He shall come from? And –..

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After more than eighty of such purple seasons, you might think there would be nothing left to look toward, get ready for...

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is to remember how it feels to experience belonging, to look long around a laden table and be glad to claim a..

On the Road

Headed back home we were, after a day of strange reports and rumors. Some of the women had gone early to wash..

Borrowed Time

These forty days are Lent to us – not counting Sundays – a blessed space in time in which to step aside,..


Where I left the car keys, the remote for the TV, that letter from the lawyer, my spectacles and pills. I must..


This season’s festive cards that crush and crowd the mails bear witness to the limits, all those insistent boundaries that ever mark..