J. Barrie Shepherd

J. Barrie Shepherd

J. Barrie Shepherd is an award-winning poet and an honorably retired PC(USA) pastor, the author of many books.

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Love is such a lovely word, gracious, spacious, capacious to a fault, embracing every blessed thing from those little smiley faces we..

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Take time to pay attention in this chill and penitential season. Set aside some now-and-then for simply now, leave then for later,..


This stark primordial dust fresh imposed between my eyes this February day fades swiftly and is gone, no necessity to rub or..

Power Alert

A modest little note, it was, on the side of the box at the foot of the tree. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED! But..

Simplest Gifts

These thanks we give fit best with simplest things, the ordinary benisons we scarcely note as our times go fleeting past. This..


Beyond the fragrant lilies and hydrangeas crowding the chancel, beyond the festive Easter bonnets still occasionally scattered bright across the pews, beyond..