The harvest of belonging

Gwendolyn Brooks writes, “We are each other’s harvest.” To be each other’s harvest requires us to also help each other in the planting, the cultivating, the weeding and the nurturing, adds Marcella Auld Glass.

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two stars

A constellation of two stars

"I belonged to her. She belonged to me. Over the years, she belonged to others: students, her poetry pals, our family. But we remained a constellation of two stars."

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Discussion guide for April 2023 issue

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A whiff of home

What does belonging feel like? Teri McDowell Ott ponders this as she introduces the April issue of Presbyterian Outlook.

Faithful conversations


Eric Barreto interviews Willie James Jennings on what it means to belong.

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Do you feel freedom?

How do we reckon with the systems that formed us? How do we move forward? Eric D. Barreto and Willie James Jennings discuss.

What's right?