Calendar Check April 2014

March 30-April 4 Decatur, Ga.: Teaching Spiritual Formation in the Congregation, featuring Jane Vennard. Columbia Theological Seminary.

March 31-April 2 Austin, Texas: Pilgrim’s Progress: Learning through Liturgy, with Jennifer Lord. Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

March 31-April 3 Princeton, N.J.: The Incredible Benevolent Force: The Holy Spirit in Reformed Theology and Spirituality — The Annie Kinkead Warfield Lectures, featuring Cornelis van der Kooi. Princeton Theological Seminary.

April 1-3 Dubuque, Iowa: Spring Renewal Lectures, featuring Kenneth Bailey, Jeff Barker and David Lose. University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.

April 6-9 Louisville, Ky.: 2014 Festival of Theology and Alum Reunion, featuring S. Wesley Ariarajah, Gerardo Marti, and Patricia K. Tull. Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

April 10 Richmond, Va.: “Do We Have a Prayer? The Healing Power of Prayer,” featuring Candy Gunther Brown. Union Presbyterian Seminary.

April 10 Princeton., N.J.: The Abraham Kuyper Lecture: Justice, Beauty and Worship, featuring Dr. Nicholas Wolsterstorff. Princeton Theological Seminary.

April 23-25 Decatur, Ga.: Baptism and Beyond: Scaffolding a Life of Discipleship, featuring Anne H. I. Apple and Kathy Dawson Enroll. Columbia Theological Seminary. 

April 24-27 Montreat, N.C.: Inhabiting Eden: Spiritual Formation Retreat, featuring Patricia K. Tull. Montreat Conference Center.

April 28-29 Lincoln, Neb.: Church Growth Leaders Conference, featuring Tex Sample, Shannon Craigo-Snell, Charles Arn and Dick Meyer.