Was, is and is to come 

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!”

The apostle John’s vision of God’s infinitude is enhanced by the doxology to God’s eternal past, present and future. We join with the heavenly host in singing such praises.

We, whose existence is bound by time in sequence, can look back to what was, is and is to come, as well. So it is for me, Jack Haberer, as I pass the mantle of leadership of the Presbyterian Outlook to my friend and colleague, John Wimberly. John has agreed to serve as interim consulting editor until the Outlook Foundation board completes its search for a person to be called and installed as editor.

I’m so pleased that John has accepted this call. Toting an M.Div and Ph.D. in theology, he brings theological scholarship to the subject matter. Toting 40 years’ service as an installed minister, he brings a pastor’s heart to the readers. Toting an M.B.A. plus six years’ experienced as an Outlook board member, he brings leadership and management skills.

As I move from editor’s desk to pastor’s pulpit, I bow out deeply appreciative of the awesome Outlook staff, the supportive board and you, our loyal reader, subscriber, partner and friend. From the depth of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

In my brief four-month time as interim consulting editor for the Presbyterian Outlook, I, John Wimberly, look forward to introducing our readers to some congregations and younger ministers in our denomination who are doing outstanding, faithful work. As a result of my work as a congregational consultant, I am more certain than ever that the predictions of our demise as a denomination are premature. Every day I observe congregations doing amazing things in their communities. In addition, our younger teaching elders are some of the most gifted that I have seen come into the church in my four decades of ministry. The combination of gifted young leadership and tenacious congregations fills me with hope for the PC(USA).

Yes, the denominational membership statistics are daunting. But they don’t tell the whole story of what God is doing in and through our congregations. Our congregations are feeding the hungry, standing up for justice, caring for aging members, educating our children and worshipping God in inspiring ways. Our God loves us even when we are at our worst; forgives us even when we do unforgiveable things; fills us with hope even when our world is dark. God hasn’t given up on us. Let’s not give up on ourselves and each other.

In this time of transition, we cherish your prayers for the staff and work of the Presbyterian Outlook. We solicit your thoughts about how we might be responsive to your needs as readers. We also seek your support. We are the sole independent magazine published for PC(USA) members and leaders. We have been able to continue our important ministry because you have continued to make generous financial contributions to support us.

As both of us look ahead to the calling of a new editor, we do want to ask you to help the magazine thrive. Three ways you can help: pray for that editor, encourage your friends to subscribe, and add the Presbyterian Outlook to your regular giving. As periodical upon periodical retreat into doing online-only publishing (the Layman just announced those plans) or go out of business altogether, the only way to keep the Outlook coming in your mail is not only to renew your subscription but to send a gift with regularity. If you’re making a small gift, please double it, triple it, quintuple it. Seriously. If you’re not now giving, please give something, and keep giving something. The mathematics are pretty simple: the income needs to match the outflow. Please boost that income so that we, who were and are, will enjoy with you the continuation of what will be through all of our years — and then some.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 2.28.00 PM—JHH & JW