Become like children

For our February issue on pilgrimage, Teri Ott reflects on the connection between the archetypical hero's journey and traveling as a pilgrim.

Infused with life

Teri McDowell Ott previews Outlook's January 2023 issue "The Third Act," which highlights some extraordinary contributions older adults are making to the church and world.

The top 10 Outlook stories of 2022

We've covered a lot of ground in 2022 including national news, denominational meetings, a three-week General Assembly and a year's worth of Sundays and holidays. Outside of our weekly worship resources, these are the most popular stories from 2022.

Thank you, Leslie Scanlon

Outlook's national reporter Leslie Scanlon will be moving on to new opportunities and challenges in 2023. We are grateful for her many years of faithful service.

Journey to understanding

"Christ does not call us to an unchanging state of safety and comfort, but to ask, seek, knock. To look beyond our first impressions for meaning within."