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Silence Falls – Advent hymn

A new hymn for Advent by Paul Hooker.

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PAUL HOOKER is a teaching elder member of New Covenant Presbytery and associate dean for ministerial formation and advanced studies at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.


Silence Falls
(“Sing We Now of Christmas”)

Silence falls in moonlight on a manger bare
in the gath’ring midnight, ‘ere the shepherds’ care;
in darkness waiting, still in death’s own fold,
we anticipate the ancient story told.

Silence falls in whispers, trembling in fear;
hearts will quake at this: the time is drawing near.
Though kings may plait for him a crown of thorns,
we anticipate the kingdom yet unborn.

Silence falls in heartache, silence pools in blood;
stillness in the earthquake, shelter in the flood.
Time seems to wait, the whole world holds its breath;
we anticipate the last approach of death.

Silence falls in sorrow on the sylvan hill;
silence in the graveyard, all waits cold and still.
Too long we pace the paths among the tombs;
we anticipate a new way coming soon.

Silence falls in wonder in the light of dawn;
heavens rent asunder, darkness now is gone.
Stone rolled away, the tomb yields up its prize.
We anticipate with sunlight in our eyes.

Text by Paul Hooker
Content owned by the Presbyterian Outlook. All rights reserved.

Click here to purchase “Silence Falls” for $10.