What’s right about Community of Pilgrims Presbyterian Fellowship?

Community of Pilgrims Presbyterian Fellowship — Portland, Oregon

Much attention this past summer was given to the plight of adults crossing our southern border with Mexico. They were then detained throughout the country, some at a federal facility in Sheridan, Oregon. Members of the Community of Pilgrims Presbyterian Fellowship also learned about the needs of young people (between ages 12- 17 years old) when they attended a World Refugee Day Rally in Portland on June 20. These young people were either separated from their parents on our border, or had tried to crossover alone. They were now being held at the Morrison Child and Family Services in downtown Portland. We learned what the children needed, and we quickly acted. In a week we gathered over $500 worth of soccer balls, frisbees, crayons, markers, coloring books, arts and crafts supplies, along with children and young adult books in both English and Spanish.

Brett Webb-Mitchell, organizing pastor

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