What’s right about Covenant Presbyterian Church?

Covenant Presbyterian Church — Palo Alto, California

Over the more than five decades that my family and I have been members of Covenant Presbyterian Church, we have seen one friend after another step up and serve as moderator of our San Jose Presbytery — and that is a big job. Four ruling elders (one of whom is serving currently), and many pastors. And some have served more than once. This makes me both grateful and proud. We are not a large church, and our presbytery had over 40 churches for a number of these years. Some of these friends would even challenge themselves to make appearances and speak at as many of the churches as possible during the one-year term. As a result, we all at Covenant were especially well connected with the other churches in our presbytery. I am thankful for all our moderators.

Rudy Dyck, elder and church librarian

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