What’s right about Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church?

Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church — Livonia, Michigan

Our church is known as the Mission Station. Through the passionate leadership of pastors and staff, mission happens every day at Rosedale.

We’ve been honored to be part of a Christmas Eve Blessing Bags project, delivering bags to employees working the holiday at nursing homes and a hospital. In April 2020, we were asked to provide blessing bags for hospital staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Veteran’s Sunday, our church honors military, first responders and their families. Handmade quilts are presented to veteran members at Rosedale and to a local organization serving the community.

Other mission projects include holiday food deliveries, elementary school math volunteers, youth mission trips, Crop Walk, service with Life Remodeled (a neighborhood revitalization nonprofit in Detroit) and many more.

Mission truly ignites our passion to build community as we provide caring service for the glory of God.

Judy Culler, member, and Laura Ulaszek, director of communication and technology

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