Prayer for summer sabbath

God of mercy, our need is great. The pandemic has left us tired, anxious and uncertain. We have stretched beyond our limits and numbed ourselves to our pain. We have accepted getting by as good enough.

You alone know our needs, Holy God, that which weighs heavy on our shoulders, responsibilities that are unrelenting, duties that are exhausting. There are days when the burdens we carry overwhelm us, days when we cannot see ourselves free.

And yet, the sky is full of your promise —
the rainbow appears at the end of the storm,
the fireflies dance when the sun goes down,
the green leaves unfurl and reach for rain.

Turn our eyes, Holy God, to these signs of life and hope. Open us to the natural treasures of your uncompromising presence. Enlighten us to your glory as we pause to appreciate the summer days. Like a breeze cooling us in the hot humid air, your love embraces and satisfies the loneliest, most exhausted of souls. May our spirits know this summer sabbath, so we can know your peace.