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Tech watch: Apps that scan

Evernote Scannable and Evernote: I use the Scannable app to scan receipts, business cards, documents and even my kids’ artwork that I want to digitize and keep. It’s really easy to use, and once they’ve been scanned, I can store the document easily in an Evernote folder.

There are lots of smartphone scanner apps available now that are so good you really don’t need a traditional scanner unless you have large, multipage projects to digitize. The New York Times recently rated Adobe Scan, Microsoft Office Lens and SwiftScan as their top scanning apps available for both Android and Apple users. As an iPhone user myself, I recently learned that there is a built-in scanner in Apple’s Notes app. Just open a new note, click the “…” in the top right corner (or the camera image at the bottom of the note) and then click “scan.” It’s easy!