Tech watch: AI in Canva and Mailchimp

Dartinia Hull offers quick tips on maximizing your communications with AI.

Many organizations, no matter the size, use a variety of apps without being aware of some of their AI and its capabilities. We touch on a couple of familiar ones here.

Yes, we’ve reviewed Canva before, but it’s worth mentioning AI’s capabilities for this specific Outlook issue. Canva’s Magic DesignTM allows users to type in a few keywords and create personalized designs. The AI takes any media that you upload/input (text, images, video, documents) and builds templates customized to the context and content specified. The AI also creates eight templates that allow you to build a cohesive, subject-specific set of templates that can be redesigned.

Magic StudioTM will also tighten your writing. Some of the Magic Studio tools are free, others are “freemium,” which means you can test them and decide whether to upgrade. Others are paid.

In 2023, Mailchimp introduced a generative AI email marketing tool that helps users more easily create email campaigns. The GPT AI tech draws from an organization’s voice, industry and intent. After a series of acquisitions, Mailchimp’s acquisition by Intuit further expanded the app’s AI toolbox and data science features.

Mailchimp’s generation and optimization tools also provide data and comprehensive insights on campaign performance, which means users can adjust content and email send times.

For individuals, I looked at a few Bible apps, but the one that got my attention was “Text with Jesus.” I’m not recommending it, necessarily — but the name draws attention. In the free version, users can send questions to Mary, Jesus, Joseph, two of the 12 disciples, a couple of prophets, Noah, Job and Queen Esther (one of the few women). It was fascinating to ask “Queen Esther” what her day was like. She texted back that her days were filled with prayer, seeking guidance from the Lord, and that it was important for her to remain faithful to God and bring glory to God’s name. With that, I cannot be angry.