And now: A poem

Photo by iuliu illes on Unsplash.

Now that we have been given
fresh smelling empty time,
and hearts broken open,
weary of the battering
too egregious to voice or name…

Now that we have been given
raw emotions
quarantined in safety
but unprotected from feelings
all new in a life we had thought
well lived.

that unpoetic word.
Head sounding
heart feeling…
no escaping it

And now
seeing with new eyes
gratefully received.
Kindness, beauty, love
blooming in the ashes
of the fires of passion all around.

And now, surprised.
Surprised to find the answers
right here,
right now,
right in my own heart
In silence.
That too a surprise.

And now,
just looking for companions
on the way.

June, 2020
Reading the tea-leaves of Protest