Praying into 2022

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

God, you are our Alpha and our Omega, our beginning and our end. In this threshold moment as we pass from one year to the next, make resolutions to work off holiday pounds, and cleanse our homes of clutter, may we also lean into this new year with gratitude and determined hope.

We acknowledge the profound loss and heartache that many now carry. We pray for those grieving loved ones lost in 2021. We acknowledge the uncertainty that comes with being human and living in our current moment. We know that there will be both obstacles and joys ahead. But, we are here, and you are with us, Holy God.

As we walk into 2022, help us not dwell in despair but keep our eyes fixed on the resurrected Christ, who embodies your promise and our hope. We are grateful for a new year with new chances to live, love, and serve in Christ’s name. We are grateful for the peace you provide in chaotic pandemic circumstances.

A new year and new life await. Thank you, God, for the life we are blessed to live.