Winning at love

The pandemic gods
thought they had won
by thinking they could say
that touching and hugging were all bad
so they took them all away.

All the ways that we knew how
to love each other through,
and rise above the loneliness
of things we couldn’t do.

Little did those gods know
how true love finds its way
to make a difference in our lives
each and every day.

Exchange a loving look or smile.
Look me in the eye.
Spend that extra moment
just passing time on by.

Put a note under the door.
Write someone far away.
The littlest acts of kindness
can take the sad away.

And that’s the biggest gift of all
that the year gave you and me…
that loving acts of kindness
abound for us to see.

So listen up for birdsong
and the love that’s in each other.
The pandemic gods can’t make us blind
to how to be a lover!

Loving Living
February 2020