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40 community organizing actions you can practice during Lent


  1. Pray for the community each day.
  2. Identify community leaders with power and influence.
  3. Have a relational meeting with at least three new people.
  4. Listen more, speak less.
  5. Be willing to learn.
  6. Do not assume you know what the community needs.
  7. Lose the savior complex.
  8. Get uncomfortable.
  9. Try a new thing.
  10. Have a visioning session with leaders.
  11. Do not be afraid to fail.
  12. Use your privilege.
  13. Take risks.
  14. Pray.
  15. Do not settle for no.
  16. Compromise goals, not values.
  17. Show compassion.
  18. Lead with vulnerability.
  19. Be clear on your self-interest.
  20. Set specific, tangible goals.
  21. Be mindful.
  22. Do not go it alone.
  23. Build a team.
  24. Brainstorm.
  25. Dream.
  26. Make a plan.
  27. Motivate the people.
  28. Pray, some more.
  29. Listen to Holy Spirit.
  30. Be authentic.
  31. Build trust.
  32. Create courageous spaces.
  33. Affirm others.
  34. Create a space for healthy collaboration.
  35. Be brave.
  36. Study other organizers.
  37. Find God in the details.
  38. Be joyful.
  39. Create impact.
  40. Do not give up.