Tech watch: Canva

The gift of good design is that you don’t have to think about it — you see a graphic and you understand what you need to know. This is harder than it seems! However, the online design and publishing company Canva makes it easy. In my opinion, products created in Canva surpass the design offered through Microsoft Office. Yet, they do not require the level of experience and budget of other digital products such as Adobe.

And – the best news – this online design and publishing company offers their professional version for free to nonprofits. This means that nonprofits can have a team of people on the same account, create logos, use transparent backgrounds, and schedule social media posts – among other Canva Pro features – all for free.

With Canva, you have the versatility to create whatever type of files you need. I’ve used Canva to create digital presentations for grad school. My sister used it to design the invitations to my bridal shower. Outlook’s Shani McIlwain uses Canva for her personal brand. And it would be a great tool for whatever social media, newsletter, website, or bulletin needs your church may have as well.