A prayer for milestones

A prayer for the transitions of life.

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

Gracious God,

In this lifetime, we face a great many milestones. Some happy. Some sad. Many both at once.

Help us to navigate the fullness of both our joys and our sorrows for the many transitions we undergo in our lives, especially when the emotional weight of it all at times feels too overwhelming to name and too heavy to carry.

In this season of graduations, we celebrate the joy of new beginnings as well as grieve the inevitable arrival of endings.

For both good endings and bad, may we show grace to ourselves and to others. Help us to look forward with hope to the future, knowing always that you are with us.

Give us the strength to step boldly into the unknown and the faith to trust you in the process.

Give us the courage to be honest with ourselves and with others about our limits. When we walk forward onto a new path, may we acknowledge when we need help and be vulnerable enough to ask for it.

We thank you for the friends and family you place along the road of our life’s journey. May we receive their love and friendship with open arms, knowing that all the love we give and receive in this world comes from you.

When our loved ones are taken from us or are simply no longer present, help us to be open to taking the risk to love again. Help us to receive the possibility of someone new stepping into our lives, as well as to be ever mindful of those who remain through thick and thin. May we not overlook the wise counsel and encouragement of those steadfast saints who have been our faithful guideposts all along the way.

For the many milestones in this lifetime, help us to walk onward through them all. And when we stumble, help us get back up again.

For the sake of our Savior Jesus Christ, the one who grieves the sorrows of this life with us and celebrates our joys with us, too.