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Tech watch: Jackbox

If you have been in youth ministry throughout the pandemic, you may have heard of a video game company by the name of Jackbox Games. Since 2013, this party-game studio quickly became the perfect resource for anyone hosting virtual game nights, especially during quarantine. And their formula is quite simple!

First, someone who owns Jackbox software creates a virtual “room” and shares a unique code with anyone who wants to join the game. Then, players enter this information on using their phones or computer, and that’s it! Everyone can play a game together while staying in their individual spaces. My favorite way to orchestrate gameplay is for everyone to have two screens. The first screen is for a Zoom call with all the players so that we can talk and look at the main screen together. The second screen is their phone, tablet, or computer where they can participate in the game. 

Jackbox makes social gaming affordable and accessible. Put your drawing skills to the test in Drawful or discover who has the quickest wits with Quiplash. Trivia fans will love Trivia Murder Party and deduction games like Blather Round. With 40 games available (sold in packs of five), your game night experience is guaranteed to be fresh and exciting.