Tech watch: COROS PACE 2

Letarshia C. Robinson reviews a piece of technology that encourages her to care for herself.

Now more than ever, those in ministry need to practice both spiritual and physical self-care. I’ve found the COROS PACE 2 to be a useful tool in monitoring the physical aspects of my self-care. While this premium sports watch was designed with the avid runner in mind, any person, especially the person in ministry, can benefit from its useful features. How many steps are you walking in a day? Are you achieving enough restful sleep or do you need more time to rest and recover? Do you want to monitor your heart rate? Do you want to track improvements in your physical fitness?

The statistical data I receive from this watch has helped me become more attentive to my health so I can be more attentive to caring for those God has called me to serve. And it is easy to set up and operate using the COROS app on your smartphone. Additionally, you can connect the watch to your smartphone so you never miss a call or text notification!