Tech watch: TikTok

Ashley Brown shares how she uses TikTok for ministry and outreach.

I’ve recently created a personal TikTok to help grow in my confidence as a future minister in the PC(USA). I am finding that TikTok’s clever algorithms seem to open doors to folks who might need to hear an encouraging word or witness a woman in ministry.

I’ve been exploring connecting with others through creating TikToks around customized prayers and blessings. I love TikTok as a connection tool to the unchurched. There is a huge TikTok community with millions of users. There is also, in my experience, significant interest in spiritual content. There’s so much space for creativity on this platform — theology can be delivered in new and exciting ways to share the message of Christ.

I’ve begun sharing my experiences as a seminary student on TikTok, highlighting other students and their journeys, as well as making TikToks destigmatizing women in ordained positions. Ultimately, my goal is to grow in my editing and filming abilities and share stories of hope, resilience and peace in different faith communities and traditions. I’ve witnessed first-hand the power that social media holds and the doors it can open. As ministers in the PC(USA), if we are given the opportunity to reach someone who may be lonely … shouldn’t we take the chance of looking silly? Think of the good you can do. Even if it just means one person sees you and thinks: maybe I could be a minister or maybe I could serve God too.

You can find Ashley at @revashleymasonbrown on TikTok.