A prayer for springtime

For warm sunshine and cold air, for the first flowers, for the hope of rebirth...

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Psalm 16:11, Psalm 104:24–30, Isaiah 55:8–9

Loving, Creator God,

Spring reminds me it’s
never too late to start over.
That there’s been quiet growth
over these long months
of winter when I saw nothing.
When I was called to believe
there was growth happening
beneath hard, cold soil.

And now? Glory!

I celebrate the loveliness
of all you’ve made.
The newness, Lord,
the freshness—
it inspires my soul!

Tulips in the front yard,
buds on the trees,
the voices of birds,
the cleansing of rain,
the comfort of sunshine…
Each gift renews me,
speaking of the promise within
all those months of dormancy
and preparation.

As spring awakens my physical senses,
I ask, God, for you to awaken my inner senses.

May my mind open and blossom
to the longings you’ve placed within me…
to the steps and path that will
satisfy the desires of my heart…
to the hopes and passions
you’ve planted in every
one of your children…

May I seek what will truly fulfill them.
May I journey toward their Source.
May I be guided by your gentle and wise Spirit.

It is never too late to be
what you call me to be.
Even as it takes greatest courage
and deepest humility.

With your help, I will open myself to
what I never expected before,
never experienced before,
and never thought possible.


This prayer is adapted from Ash & Starlight: prayers for the chaos & grace of daily life by Arianne Braithwaite Lehn. It was published in 2019, and the copyright is owned by the author. The prayer is republished here with permission from Chalice Press. All rights reserved.

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