When I’m longing for peace, within and without: A prayer

A prayer for peace in a world of chaos by Arianne Braithwaite Lehn.

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Matthew 5:9,  Luke 1:28–32, John 14:27

Beautiful Spirit of Peace,

I am longing for peace within
and peace around…

For peace in families,
peace in neighborhoods,
peace between nations,
peace for mother earth,
peace in the quiet depths
of my own soul.

Peace for people ripped open
by painful divides on
streets and in conversations…

Peace for friends facing
suicide or prison…

Peace for loved ones living through
divorce and death and hard anniversaries…

Peace for people leaving home
because their job relocated
or the money wasn’t there anymore…

Peace for those who uncovered a shocking
revelation about someone they loved,
and they aren’t sure what to do or whom to trust.

Peace for all whose
greatest fears actualized
before their eyes,
and sighs and tears
became a daily language.

Peace that holds all of
us in wholeness
when we’re carrying
grief or heartache,
chaos or tumultuous questions.

When what’s most precious to us
was swept away in one swift wave,
or the world’s teeming with
so much noise and busyness
we can’t hear ourselves think.

I ask you, Spirit of peace and hope,
to blow a breath of balm upon the wounds,
and lead us toward bone-deep belief.

Even in this challenging landscape,
may your presence bring
peace passing all understanding
as it strengthens bodies,
renews minds,
and heals this land.

I thank you that peace is not a dream,
but a promise.

And you are the Giver of Peace.


This prayer is adapted from Ash & Starlight: prayers for the chaos & grace of daily life by Arianne Braithwaite Lehn. It was published in 2019, and the copyright is owned by the author. The prayer is republished here with permission from Chalice Press. All rights reserved.

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