Who knows

Barbara Wood Gray on opening the gate of the heart.

Photo by Jackson Hendry on Unsplash

It is not good, perhaps,

when others think

you have it all together.


They might wish for confidence, or leadership ability,

or seeming to always be ahead of the game.


But where does that leave you

when you yearn for company,

when scared or vulnerable or uncertain

of the meaning of being true to self.


Where does it leave the tender heart

who’d welcome an outstretched hand to hold

when the lights of certainty grow dim

and the future appears as a mere ripple on a pond

when hope tumbles into the abyss?


Where does that leave the little girl

who stands behind the iron gate,

not knowing what she actually

needs protection from?


Who knows?

Perhaps one who sees her,

and opens the gate without a key.


(c)Barbara Wood Gray
Opening the gate of the heart
March 2023