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Jennifer Barchi

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The magic quilt

In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul urges the church to take care lest their liberty (the liberty to eat food offered to idols..

You are loved

We asked our bloggers what 3 things they thoughts pastors wish their congregations knew.  This is how they responded. Dear Congregation, This month the..

Controversy? Please!

It was early summer 2012, just before the 220th General Assembly.  Standing in the kitchen with my mother, I found myself somewhat..

Mission impossible

To correspond with our Spring Books issue, we asked our bloggers to share books that have influenced their ministry. Sometimes I find..

Lent, interrupted

Lent this year did not follow my very well thought-out, spiritually enlightened plans.  That’s not a new phenomenon – I am notoriously..

Where do I belong?

This week, we asked our bloggers to name a few things that they wish they had learned in seminary.  Visit the Outlook..