Anthony Breznican

“Mr. Rogers saw people. He saw through and around the things that confuse or distract others. He saw these people. He saw me, a..

Christian Cooper

“The term ‘meritocracy’ was coined in 1958 as a mockery of the very idea of evaluation by merit alone. We’ve forgotten to..

Joe Biden

“The only bipartisan thing left in America is the fight against cancer. I am unwilling to postpone for one day longer the..

Katharine Besteman

“These small American towns are being transformed quietly without ruckus or violence – they are stories we don’t pay attention to. …..

Namee Barakat

“Since Day No. 1, we’re trying to fight the hate and sadness with doing good and being positive. That makes us feel..

Mark Goldring

“Today eight people have the same wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population. Stop and think about this. It is..

Cress Darwin

“Not many people are able to do what those people were able to do — to forgive — because not many people..

Jacob Weisberg

“Facebook promotes video, plays publisher-generated content up or down in relation to user-generated content and tinkers continually with the algorithm that determines..