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Tomás Halík

“At a time of disasters I do not see God as an ill-tempered director, sitting comfortably backstage as the events of our..

Barbara Gaddis

“I know you are doing whatever you can to keep this thing swinging. Oh my. It feels monumental, doesn’t it?” — Barbara..

Thomas Reese

“Globalization should not simply be focused on the economy. Globalization must also include compassion and seeing everyone in the world as our..

Daniel Deitrich

“I don’t think I could follow the way of Jesus without the support of those around me or without the practices we..

Gayraud Wilmore

“I saw them withering and unable to step forward and say ‘Let’s be the church.’ I saw no bold action taken on..

Ashina Krishna

“Being able to set up a shared space is a positive outcome for people who have likely faced difficult circumstances in the..