J. Herbert Nelson

“It’s not about talking anymore. It’s not about building big sanctuaries. It’s about building a heart and passion for ministry and the..

Barbara Oakley

“Understanding doesn’t build fluency; instead, fluency builds understanding. In fact, I believe that true understanding of a complex subject comes only from..

Chappell Ellison

“To ease my brother’s pain, even for a mere five minutes, would be my greatest achievement.” – Designer Chappell Ellison on creating objects..

Gideon Strauss

“There is a level of familiarity, a reliability of voice, a continuity of dialogue in the pages of a little magazine. This..

Brittney Cooper

“The Bible isn’t any old regular text. It is a text endued with thousands of years of political, social and cultural power...

Nicole Chung

“Showing my book to my parents meant showing them who I am, with no spin, no soothing, no apologies, no disclaimers. I..

John Leland

“Being an expert is exhausting. Being a student — letting go of your ego — is like sitting for a banquet at..

Abdirahman Omar Osman

“If it is real, it doesn’t need a response. Those comments do not deserve a response.” — Abdirahman Omar Osman, Somali information..