“Plan World Day of Prayer, Feb. 25”

70 Years Ago — February 7, 1944 

“Binding every continent of the war torn world together in a fellowship of intercession, the United Council of Church Women will sponsor the World Day of Prayer. … The program, whose theme is ‘And the Lord Wondered That There was No Intercessor,’ suggests the use of the Wise Men’s gifts as symbols of intercession: myrrh, symbol of intercession for the sorrows of the world; frankincense, symbol of intercession for all members of the church family in every nation; gold, symbol of intercession for the refining spirit of all mankind with dross consumed, our world to be rebuilt with generosity and unselfishness. … Preparation of the service began when a large group of nationals and repatriated workers from many countries gathered as a cross-section of those meeting in all parts of the earth on the World Day of Prayer — Germans, a French woman, a Scotchman, a Canadian, some Japanese, a Zulu woman, a Greek, a Hollander, and missionaries from China, Burma, Siam, Malaya, India, Egypt, Algeria, Africa, Alaska.”

From “Plan World Day of Prayer, Feb. 25.”