Suggestion from vice moderator Larissa: Do MadLibs for church unity

Larissa Kwong Abazia really wanted the article about her being vice moderator with the Presbyterian Outlook to be a MadLib.  She thought it would bring people together. But since that hasn’t happened yet, here is a General Assembly MadLib.  May it further build up Christ’s Church in Love, Peace, and Unity.  Play it with your friends!

This is my _____ (number) General Assembly.  My favorite part of going to GA is the ________ (noun).  There is always _________(adj) _________ (noun) going on.

I’ve been following an overture on pc-biz about how the _______ (5 random letters) addresses ________ing (verb).  I hope it _________ s (action verb) through committee without too many ________ (plural noun) added to it.

I felt _______ (emotion) wandering around the _________ (your hotel).  How do you get out of this ________ (adj) building?  I tried to follow the map on my smart________ (noun), but I couldn’t get any WiFi.  I decided to just _______ (action verb) and hope another _________(adj) Presbyterian would help me.

While I waited, I checked Twitter on my smart________(noun).  People were talking about how the ________ (5 random letters) would respond to ________ (social issue).  I hope that the commissioners on committee ____(number) vote guided by the _________ (noun).  Their decision could affect so many _______ (plural noun) who don’t have enough ________ (household item) when they need them.


To play: (if you’ve never MadLibbed before) find a fellow Presbyterian, ask them to give you words to fill in the blanks without showing them the rest of the MadLib.  When it’s all filled out, read it out loud and try not to giggle too loud in plenary.  MadLibs, like GA, are about bringing people together.  Have fun today!


Alexi WirthAlex Wirth is an ordained teaching elder doing building maintenance and social justice work at Lake View Presbyterian Church in Chicago. He buys vinyl albums more than mp3s, tries to ride his bike more than drive a car, make/bake things more than buy them, and generally stick to a punk rock, do-it-yourself mindset like Jesus did.