Roundtable interview with “The Longest Ride” writer and cast

The_Longest_Ride_posterDallas, Texas, April 1, 2015
Nicholas Sparks, writer
Scott Eastwood & Britt Robertson, cast

Ron Salfen for the Presbyterian Outlook

Britt Robertson: Are there enough chairs for everyone? I like sitting in a little circle like this, it feels more intimate (than the Q-and-A last night at the theater after the screening). Also, I want to shake hands with each of you, if that’s OK.

(Handshakes all around.)

Nicholas Sparks: So, I’m told that we only have a few minutes here, so I’m going to have to ask for just one question from everyone. OK?

Britt Robertson (to Nicholas Sparks): Oh, nothing like taking charge, right?

(Laughter all around.)

Presbyterian Outlook: I guess I’m the token old guy in the group here. So naturally, I identified with the Alan Alda character, the one who was married forever. Personally, I’ve been married 46 years, with the love of my life, and I just wondered: Is that the goal here? To celebrate that unique relationship where your significant other is the one love of your life?

Nicholas Sparks: Yes, we certainly wanted to celebrate love, but personally, I think love can come in all kinds of ways. Certainly, in the movie, Ira and Ruth’s long-term relationship was a model for Luke and Sophia. But I believe that love is what life is all about, in the sense of whatever it is you’re passionate about. And it could be your spouse, or your career, or your dog, or your neighbors – anything, really, but without that, life would be pretty boring. It’s really about finding your passion.

Scott Eastwood: Though the movie business doesn’t exactly make it easy for people to stay in long-term relationships, it’s something I’ve always thought I would like to have. Settle down some day, maybe raise a family. And of course that would need to be with the right person.

Britt Robertson: It’s something I’ve always wanted for myself, but so far it hasn’t happened yet. I agree with Scott that this business doesn’t make it easy, but it’s not impossible. I’m really hoping for that.

Presbyterian Outlook: Well, I’m hoping for you. And since I’m a Christian, I’ll even promise to pray for you!

Britt Robertson: (smiles) You’re going to make me cry now. I would really appreciate that. Thank you.


Ronald P. Salfen is the supply pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Kaufman, Texas.


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