Gratitude for our veterans

Jill Duffield's lectionary reflections are sent to the Outlook's email list every Monday.

I always know when it is graduation day at nearby Fort Jackson. There is a long line at the base gate and restaurant parking lots are filled with cars sporting out-of-state license plates. On those days when my eating out coincides with the culmination of another round of boot camp, I vicariously share the pride of families at adjacent tables celebrating the milestone. Young men and women dressed in their spotless uniforms look eager and professional and maybe a little bit relieved, too. A few look like children playing dress up, barely out of adolescence. I see their beaming faces and those of their spouses, parents and friends, and I worry about the weight of responsibility they bear. I am also grateful to them for their willingness to put purpose and service above self. I consider, too, the impact on their families.

Today, on Veterans Day, when many are still in harm’s way and others are dealing with life altering injuries, I want to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of the Outlook community to those who have served well and sacrificed much. Please know you have not just our gratitude but our respect and our prayers, not only today, but everyday.