Advent for Everyone: Luke (A Daily Devotional)

Roy Howard reviews N.T. Wright's book.

N.T. Wright
WJK Press, 128 pages | October 13, 2017

Advent, like Lent, provides a structure for the focused attention of a daily devotional. It’s common for people to use these seasons in a special way, either alone or with a small group. N.T. Wright brings his usual historical and exegetical skills to bear on the Gospel of Luke in a pastorally thoughtful and accessible manner.

On the one hand, there is a candid acknowledgment that Advent for most people is preparation for Christmas. Accordingly, he brings forward the history of Israel’s yearning for a Messiah and the various Scriptures that provide the background for the fulfillment of this yearning in the coming of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Wright doesn’t neglect the more difficult “Second Advent,” which puzzles and makes some people very uncomfortable. Holding the first and second Advent in creative tension is not easy. But Wright is an experienced pastor and a scholar who does this as well as anyone.

Each Sunday of Advent receives commentary as well as each of the days of the season.  Pastors looking for another voice will find this book helpful. So will those who want to grow close to Christ by paying particular attention to the Scriptures and the questions raised by Advent.