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Baptism books for children

Today Is a Baptism Day
Anna V. Ostenso Moore and Peter Krueger
Church Publishing, 48 pages

The Baptism of Your Child: A Book for Presbyterian Families
Carol A. Wehrheim
WJK Press, 56 pages 

Baptism Promises
Carol A. Wehrheim and Roz Fulcher
Flyaway Books, 18 pages 

These books will go a long way toward helping families understand the theology of baptism — and they include age-appropriate resources to share with baptized children. In many of our congregations we declare: “Remember your baptism and rejoice!” But how do congregations help us remember? What is it that we are remembering? And why is it so important to remember our baptism? 

In “Today Is a Baptism Day,” the author and illustrator address all of these questions in precise language drawn from the service of baptism. It is beautifully illustrated by Peter Krueger to display the diversity of God’s people. What is especially remarkable about Anna Ostenso Moore’s book is the theology undergirding Christian baptism. It describes the service, highlighting each movement. Her book concludes with family pages that are designed to help parents remember this day and also develop spiritual practices that will deepen their understanding. 

In a similar manner, Carol Wehrheim has created two books on baptism especially for Presbyterians. Both of them, with the partnership of illustrator Roz Fulcher, are carefully designed to be helpful to families as they interpret baptism. “The Baptism of Your Child” not only explains the theology of baptism, it also gives specific guidance for parents to use for years to come. “Baptism Promises” is a storybook for children. As with “Today Is a Baptism Day,” the illustrations are a wonderful addition to the text. 

Every congregation should have these books in their library. Even better, give them to parents as a gift on the day of baptism.