Give thanks: A prayer

Give thanks in all circumstances. Your admonition, God, is clear, our execution of it inconsistent.

Ours is a culture overflowing with discontent. We want more or different, better or other. Too often we see what we lack, rather than recognizing the gifts right in front of us.

On Thanksgiving, God, we look to set aside our niggling need to complain. We turn from our propensity to evaluate and pass judgment. Instead, today of all days, we seek only to praise you, to offer our gratitude to you, to be generous with our wonder, love and joy.

We are grateful for those with whom we sit at the table, for those whose labor enabled us to eat, for people working so others may find rest, for the beauty of the earth and the bounty of your mercy. We are grateful for the challenges we’ve overcome and for the ones with which we still wrestle, knowing that in all circumstances you are present, compassionate and good. We find peace in that promise, and give thanks. Amen.