Texas, Mexico Presbyterians straddle the fence (10 years ago)

10 years ago ­— December 13, 2010

Tres Rios Presbytery opened its 89th meeting with a communion service at the fence between the U.S. and Mexico. A group of 55 commissioners from Tres Rios on the U.S. side joined 25 Mexican Presbyterians on the other side. They worshipped together “offering a witness of unity and hope for the future of both countries and peoples. The communion elements were passed through the chain links in the fence.”

“Jose Luis Casal, general presbyter of Tres Rios and James Duenas, the Mexican coordinator of Pasos de Fe Presbyterian Border Ministry, have been friends for years, but seeing each other through a fence distorted the relationship. ‘I had the sensation that I was visiting a man in jail,’ Casal reflected, ‘or maybe I was the one in jail and not he.’ National boundaries ‘change perspective, and the wire fabric of the fence distorts the vision and the image of things.’”

From “Texas, Mexico Presbyterians straddle the fence” by Presbyterian News Service