A prayer for the start of the school year

Merciful God,

We are grateful for the resilience, innovation and determination our students, teachers, school staff, parents and administrators demonstrated and developed over the past year. We begin this new school year in prayer because we are anxious for our students to resume school in person, yet still be safe from COVID-19.

We pray for a better year; for a safe return to classrooms; for the health of students, teachers and school staff; for school boards and administrators under pressure to make difficult decisions; and for parents exhausted by the uncertainty and constantly changing plans.

Help us, Holy God, to bear with one another in love as we face the new challenges this year will inevitably bring. We pray that our teachers banked enough summer renewal to face any new disruptions. We ask that the hard lessons students learned in since the start of this pandemic will give them the confidence and courage to face whatever lies ahead. With confidence in your ability to do more than we ask or imagine, we pray that faith will deter fear and hope will bring new life.

Bless us, Holy God, in our efforts to protect and care for students so they can focus on their healthy development and their studies. Lead us all to health and healing.

In Christ’s name we pray,