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15 years ago — “The story of the missional church”

15 years ago — August 2007

“The Church reformed, ever to be reformed” has been a motto of “Reformed” churches since the 16th century. It recognizes that the church in every age must bow afresh to Jesus Christ as Lord of the Church … I believe that the Spirit of God is calling us to reform once again and it will happen only as we give fresh attention to the Word of God.

The Church in the U.S. has not grown (in percentage) in more than 100 years … but the larger global church has grown more in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined. What can we learn from the parts of the global church that are growing rather than declining?

Churches that are growing see the primary purpose of the church as joining God’s mission in the world, rather than what happens in their clubhouses. …

Churches that are growing see the whole world as the arena of God’s work. …

Churches that are growing see their life together as preparation for joining God’s mission. …

Churches that are growing see their leaders as ‘equippers.’ …

We will never solve all the problems of the church, but we can surely join Jesus in his mission throughout the world. When we begin to shape our churches consistently around Jesus’ commission, we will enter the next Reformation.

From “The story of the missional church” by Stephen A. Hayner