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God of Holy Anger

Photo by DAVE NETTO on Unsplash

God of Holy Anger,

We are grateful to belong to a God who has demonstrated a robust emotional life. We confess that we have buried our anger, alienated it from our interior lives. We’ve assumed it as evil, willfully ignoring that it has the potential to refract our Maker, who demonstrates an emotional anger in the prophets and an embodied anger in overturning tables of injustice and exclusion. We have exalted being nice and calm as a pinnacle of Christian character, demonizing those sacred moments when our souls are stirred so profoundly, we must shout.

Too many have wielded language of “civility” against the oppressed in attempts to mitigate their own discomfort and guilt — for to face the depths of another’s anger is to be implicated in the systems and situations that have birthed it. Expose this in us, God.

And in a world that contains so much false outrage – inauthentic emotional expressions in the name of saviorism or performance – protect and amplify the anger to which we need to bear witness. Help us to discern when to calm and when to rouse, avoiding the anger that leads to bitterness or hatred yet tapping into a righteous rage when your creation is abused and neglected. Remind us daily that the dignity of creation demands our emotions.

We will no longer abandon our rage. Make us people of holy fury. Amen.