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Psalm 30 in Iambic Decameter

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Hymn: Psalm 30 in Iambic Decameter
(Tune: TOULON, or most any tune)

I will extol you, Lord, you’ve drawn me up,
Allowing no rejoicing from my foes;
O LORD my God, to you for help I cried,
And you’re the one from whom my healing flows;

O LORD, you brought my soul up from Sheol,
And from the Pit you have my life reclaimed!
Sing praises to the Lord, O faithful ones,
And give your thanks before God’s holy name;

God’s anger only for a moment lasts,
With favor your whole life will God adorn;
Tho’ weeping yet may linger through the night,
You’ll be surprised when joy comes with the morn.

I once said my prosperity is strong,
And like a sturdy mount, I am secure;
But then, you hid your face! I was dismayed!
I pleaded with the Lord to be assured:

“What profit is there in my death?” I cried;
“If I am in the Pit, can dust give praise?
Will it tell of your constant faithfulness?
O hear, O Lord, help with your gracious ways!”

Now you have turned my mourning into dance,
And clothed me not in sackcloth but in joy,
My soul will not be silent, but will praise,
O Lord my God, I’ll give you thanks for aye.